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Mental Health Channel

The Mental Health Channel

a co-production with Trinity Films

58 million Americans will have a diagnosable mental illness in their lifetime. It's our most affecting, most costly medical problem, more than cancer and heart disease combined. That's one in five people. One in every family, very likely one in yours. And when one person struggles, the whole family does too.

Addressing mental illness would save thousands of lives a year, save millions of people suffering, and save billions in health care, lost work and incarceration. Why are we not doing this? Mental illness may affect us all, but we don't want to talk about it.

The Mental Health Channel aims to change that, building awareness and understanding, turning apprehension to compassion, and focusing on successful treatment and productive outcomes. It begins with 11 series of up to 20 webisodes each – 10 hours of original content delivered via the web. It continues with an expert speakers tour, university and primary school outreach programs, a community building website, and the formation of a permanent foundation.

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Switch Energy Project

Switch Energy Project

developed with Dr. Scott Tinker and the Bureau of Economic Geology

Energy underpins every other issue. Economy. Environment. Political stability. Food and water. All communication and computing. Everything. This makes energy the most important issue of our time. Yet the airwaves are full of conflicting rhetoric, and the public knows surprisingly little about it.

The Switch Energy Project is a nonpartisan effort to change that. Through a theatrical documentary, a video driven website, a vast online and grass roots awareness campaign, a university screening and efficiency program, primary education video-driven curricula, and eventually a TV series or feature film sequel, Switch will change the way we think about energy, build awareness, promote efficiency, and encourage smart policy decisions.

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Rising Tide

Rising Tide

a personal effort by Arcos team members

Educating and empowering women is one of the most important drivers to develop and stabilize the world's poorest countries:

Educating women allows a country's entire people to contribute to its advancement. When given the chance, women tend to be better managers of household finances, and better recipients of microlending. Women with fertility rights tend to have smaller families, committing more resources to raising more capable future generations, and more quickly stabilizing population. Politically, women voters tend to moderate more radical voting trends.

Each year, the Arcos team will donate our time to travel to a developing region, where we will participate in, film and build a web community for projects that educate girls and empower women.

First stop Nepal, this November, to build an addition to a girls' school, and document the powerful impact it has had on the region.

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Power the People

a collaboration with the World Bank and United Nations

1.3 billion people live without electricity. No light, no phones, no computers, no modern food, water, medicine, or anything else that we in the developed world take for granted.

And 2.6 billion people, almost 40% of the world, still burn wood or dung for heat and cooking. More than 2 million die each year from breathing that smoke. Imagine — in the 21st century, nearly half of us are confined to the 1870s.

While Switch focuses on the developed world, Power the People is a web, video and knowledge sharing program, developed in partnership with the World Bank and the United Nations, to help bring clean cooking fuels and electricity access to the world's poor. These basic energy services are a vital first step toward healthier, more prosperous, more stable families, and countries.